Narrabeen Head 🌅

Updated: Jul 15

For last week's sunrise shoot, we headed up to Narrabeen Head to try and get some flow around the rock pools. I personally haven't shot at this particular spot before so was keen to give it a go since I can try out droning near the rock pools and then revisit the mossy rocks just next door on Turimetta Beach (a personal favourite).

There was a zig-zag crack among the rock formation at the tip of the head itself which looked really good but I wasn't able to get a shot or colours I was happy with.

I then moved around trying to find a better spot and stumbled upon some rocks with algae on them just as the sun started to rise. The mix of colours were beautiful but it was hard getting a balance between flow and the green of the rocks.

In the end I managed to catch this just as a big wave was receding and the sun started casting god rays which is breathtakingly exactly what I was looking for. Click below to jump into my instagram page to see more!

After the sun rose it was time to take the drone out. I borrowed a mate's DJI Spark and this would just be my second time flying. As you can already tell, I love capturing scenes where different colours can meet. Usually at beaches it is when the orange sand meets the blue sea but in this case I loved how the green shrubbery and algae gave the images another layer.

Being near seaside rocks, we spotted a few crabs so I busted out the telephoto for a shot of this one gnawing on what I assume to be some shellfish.

As if all of that wasn't enough, I also took a couple of videos with the drone (of course!) and of the crab eating. Enjoy and till next time!


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