Updated: Aug 20

As 2020 draws to an end, I'd like to revisit what is easily my favourite shoot of the year. As covid ravaged through much of this year, my mate Josh and I decided to take a day off on an August night this year to catch the last New Moon of the 2020 milky way season for an astro shoot. After looking up locations we managed to settle on a bridge which is not too far from Sydney and more importantly it is a relatively undiscovered spot for photography which presented us with an interesting challenge.

Lesson #1 Give Ample Time

As it involved a short hike, we decided to get there before the sun set so we could scout out a good angle and set up camp while there is still daylight (probably the only good planning of this entire episode).

With a small stream and many rocks around it was a bit tricky to get our tripods level and shoes dry but we each managed to find an angle we both like and also not be in each other's shot which is great. Now all we have to do is wait for the sky to turn dark, and it did, really quickly, Before long the sun set and we began to shiver so we thought it'll be a good idea to set our cameras to start shooting while we cook some sausages we brought along.

Lesson #2 Things are never as easy as they seem</